Welcome to Arizona Wellness Retreats...

Hosted by Avtar, internationally-known fitness and wellness expert. The program is blended and crafted by Avtar from his years of working with and training countless celebrities and business professionals in famous spas and resorts throughout the world. Southern Arizona's Sonoran Desert provides the perfect setting for this type of wellness program; you'll quickly understand why Avtar chose one of America's most natural and healing environments to make your experience that much more productive and meaningful. It is a program tailored to individual needs and truly something you will need to experience for yourself.

** At Arizona Wellness Retreats, we understand that everyone arrives with different goals and expectations at different times in their lives. It is with that knowledge that our program is designed and our intention is to honor your choices, knowing you would appreciate the moment you're in and increase your awareness of what is important and vital to living your life in balance.

Why Attend?

If you are like millions of high performing people, you are probably dealing with high stress and as such, in need of a quick rejuvenating, refreshing and life changing experience at Arizona Wellness Retreats. Our program provides an opportunity to bring your life more fully into balance by opening the door into the room of self-awareness and self-acceptance. This is the practice of listening to our lives with receptive heart, so that we might see and correct any imbalance. Traditionally referred to as mindfulness, this practice is a powerful way of approaching our lives to promote health and enjoy life. It is our intention, for the benefits of life in balance, to last well beyond your stay.